Mercoledì 9 Febbraio 2022


Saluti istituzionali

Ing. Giorgio Saccoccia, Presidente ASI
Prof. Marco Tavani, Presidente INAF
Dr.ssa Fabrizia Buongiorno - INGV, Coordinatrice Centro di Osservazione della Terra dallo Spazio
Dr. Corrado Spinella - CNR, Direttore Dipartimento Scienze Fisiche e Tecnologie della Materia
Ing. Mario Cosmo - ASI, Direttore Scienza e Ricerca
Dr.ssa Barbara Negri - ASI, Responsabile Unità Volo Umano e Sperimentazione Scientifica

  • 10:30 - M. Messerotti La Rete Nazionale di Servizi per lo Space Weather dell'INAF (remoto)
  • 10:42 - M. Graziani Time dependence of Electron and Positron fluxes in primary Cosmic Rays with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (remoto)
  • 10:54 - A. Bemporad Space weather related activities and projects on-going at INAF-Turin Observatory
  • 11:06 D. Calchetti SO/PHI on Solar Orbiter, the first magnetograph to leave the Sun-Earth line (remoto)
  • 11:18 - D. Sabbagh Study of the foF2 variations at the Ionospheric Observatory of Rome during the last solar minima, in relation to the geomagnetic activity
  • 11:30 - G.E. Capuano Effects of the chromospheric Lyα line profile shape on the determination of the solar wind outflow velocity using the Doppler dimming technique (remoto)
  • 11:42 - F. Faldi Real time monitoring of Solar Energetic Particles outside the ISS with the AMS instrument


  • 12:10 M. Marongiu A Python Approach for Solar Data Analysis: SUNDARA (SUNDish Active Region Analyser) (remoto)
  • 12:22 E. De Angelis SWEATERS-Space WEATher Ena Radiation Sensors
  • 12:34 V. Formato Precision measurement of the daily P and He fluxes in Cosmic Rays and their time variations with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
  • 12:46 F. Donnini Precision measurement of the Monthly nuclei fluxes in Cosmic Rays with Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station (remoto)
  • 12:58 F. Chiappetta Proton energy spectra of Energetic Storm Particle events and relation with shock parameters and turbulence (remoto)
  • 13:10 D. Di Mauro Geomagnetic field variations observed at Lampedusa and comparison with the other Italian observatories
  • 13:22 C. Grimani Energy dependence of galactic cosmic-ray variations for Space Weather Applications (remoto)


  • 15:00 - V. Romano Space weather for civil aviation
  • 15:12 - P. Massa The STIX image reconstruction problem: early results
  • 15:24 - R. Foldes Towards an operational tool for estimating the plasmaspheric mass density using ground-based magnetometer measurements (remoto)
  • 15:36 - T. Alberti The solar wind between 0.1 and 0.6 AU: insights from Parker Solar Probe – BepiColombo radial and magnetic alignments
  • 15:48 - S. Mulas Scientific development of the SRT/SDSA for the implementation of solar observations and radio-science configurations (remoto)
  • 16:00 - D. Recchiuti On the transmission of compressional fluctuations from the solar wind to the magnetosphere: an analysis of critical aspects
  • 16:12 - P. Romano INAF - Catania Solar Telescope contribution to the ESA - Space Weather Service Network (remoto)
  • 16:24 - D. Del Moro The Tor Vergata Synoptic Solar Telescope and the Space Weather Services at UNITOV
  • 16:36 - A. Pellizzoni Solar Imaging with INAF Radio Telescopes: Early Science Results and Space Weather Applications (remoto)
  • 16:48 - R. Speziali He solar activity MOF monitor robotic telescope: first binocular images
  • 17:00 - M. Molinaro TSRS-1.0: heritage data and new services (remoto)
  • 17:12 - M. Moroni Study of radiation environment for Low-Earth Orbit spacecraft in view of ENA detection for SWE

Conclusione lavori prima giornata

Giovedì 10 Febbraio 2022


Assemblea Generale e Candidature – Prima parte


Conferimento Premio Franco Mariani

G. Carnevale (Vincitore) MHD turbulence features in solar wind high-speed streams: solar origin or dynamic evolution?

F. Siciliano (Menzione) Forecasting SYM‐H Index: A Comparison Between Long Short-Term Memory and Convolutional Neural Networks

  • 11:50 - A. Milillo MESSENGER observations of Na+ enhancement at Mercury’s northern magnetospheric cusp during Flux Transfer Event Showers
  • 12:02 - S. Benella Kramers-Moyal analysis of magnetic field fluctuations in the inner heliosphere (remoto)
  • 12:14 - R. Reda Long-term correlations in solar proxies and solar wind parameters
  • 12:26 - S. Orsini The exospheric Na high latitude emission, as observed from ground-based stations: a link to solar wind precipitation at Mercury
  • 12:38 - S. Guglielmino UV observations of small-scale heating events in the solar atmosphere (remoto)
  • 12:50 - I. Ermolli IBIS 2.0: enabling new observations of small scale plasma processes in the solar atmosphere
  • 13:02 - M. Cantoresi Analysis of cancellation index in photospheric magnetic fields associated to coronal holes
  • 13:14 - S. Di Matteo On the role of solar wind periodic density structures in radiation belt electron loss as observed by the BARREL mission (remoto)


  • 15:00 - C. Scotto New version of Autoscala for the ionospheric station of Tucumán with N(h) estimation and ESF detection capabilities
  • 15:12 - A. Pignalberi The ionospheric equivalent slab thickness: a parameter useful for Space Weather applications
  • 15:24 - G. D’Angelo Investigation of the physical processes involved in GNSS amplitude scintillations at high latitude: a case study
  • 15:36 - I. Coco TROPOMAG: Influence of geomagnetic storms on the TROPOsphere dynamics: Can the Earth’s MAGnetic field be considered a proxy of climate changes? (remoto)
  • 15:48 - T. Chatzistergos Irradiance reconstruction from Ca II K observations (remoto)
  • 16:00 - M. Murabito Penumbral brightening events in a sunspot penumbra
  • 16:12 - N. Plutino Signal processing for the automatic detection of flare events in the Soft-X GOES signal in the period 1986-2020
  • 16:24 - L. Marcelli In-flight operations and performance of the Mini-EUSO telescope on board the ISS
  • 16:36 - R. Tozzi Latitudinal dependence of geomagnetically induced currents during geomagnetic storms
  • 16:48 - C. Plainaki Planetary Space Weather within the Jovian system: the Ganymede case
  • 17:00 - R. D'Amicis Alfvénic turbulence in the solar wind as a driver of the geomagnetic response (remoto)

Conclusione lavori seconda giornata

Venerdì 11 Febbraio 2022


  • 9:00 - A. Del Corpo The changing magnetospheric ion composition during the active period 14 February-10 March 2014
  • 9:12 - P. De Michelis Ionospheric turbulence: impact on the Global Navigation Satellite Systems functioning
  • 9:24 - A. Sotgiu An Overview on the CSES-LIMADOU missions and their contribution in the Space Weather framework
  • 9:36 - M. Stumpo An ensemble-based estimator of the transfer entropy for unveiling the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling during activity periods
  • 9:48 - M. Piersanti On the source of the anomalous June 23, 2020 Pc5 waves detected at both ground and satellite data
  • 10:00 - F. Ferrente Polarization signatures during the X1.6 flare observed in NOAA 12192 (remoto)
  • 10:12 - F. Berrilli Flare Forecasting Algorithms Based on Polarity Inversion Lines in Active Regions: the new topological parameter D
  • 10:24 - G. Viavattene Analysis of Pseudo-Lyapunov Exponents of Solar Convection Using State-ofthe-Art Observations
  • 10:36 - P. Pagano The St Andrews Space Weather Active Region Monitoring technique (remoto)


Chiusura votazioni

  • 11:04 - R. Biondo Tracing interplanetary CME plasma with a MHD simulation from 0.1 to 1 AU
  • 11:16 - M. Casolino Mini-EUSO telescope on board the International Space Station: first results 11:28 L. Giovannelli Sun CubE OnE: A Multi-wavelength Synoptic Solar Micro Satellite
  • 11:40 - R. Crapolicchio Inter-comparison of satellite derived L-band solar flux from ESA’s earth explorer Soil Moisture Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission and on-ground radio telescope observations
  • 11:52 - S. Sommariva Study of the impact of cosmic radiation on the astronauts’ central nervous system based on the ALTEA program
  • 12:04 - F. Giannattasio Parallel electrical conductivity in the topside ionosphere (remoto)
  • 12:16 - N. Tomassetti Data driven analysis of Galactic cosmic rays in the heliosphere: diffusion of cosmic protons and nuclei
  • 12:28 - F. M. Marcucci Cross Polar Cap Potential evolution during the geomagnetic storm of 25 August 2018

Assemblea Generale – Seconda Parte – Risultati Elettorali

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